Our BylawS



The name of this organization shall be, “Friends of the Chateau de Morès.”




The purpose of this organization is to preserve and promote the history of the Chateau de Morès and the impact of the de Morès family in western United States.



SECTION 1. Requirements for Membership.

Any person may become a member of the Friends of the Chateau de Morès by:

A.        Requesting membership information from any member of the Friends of the Chateau de

B.        Paying the yearly dues.

C.        Agreeing to comply with the bylaws and any policies adopted by the Friends of the           
            Chateau de Morès.

No member may hold more than one membership in the Friends of the Chateau de Morès.  Memberships are non-transferable.

SECTION 2. Rights and Responsibilities

A.        A member is considered in good standing if dues and any other financial obligations are                current.

B.        Members are encouraged to participate in all meetings, activities and fund-raising                           efforts of the organization. 

C.        Members each have one vote in all business brought before the organization.  

SECTION 3.  Non-liability for Debts of the Organization

Members will not be liable for any debts or liabilities of the Friends of the Chateau de Morès.

SECTION 4.  Termination of Membership

Memberships not renewed will be considered terminated.




A.        Any person, business or organization may purchase yearly sponsorships to support the                 Friends of the Chateau de Morès.  

B.        Sponsorships do not entitle the sponsor to membership privileges.  

C.        All funds received through sponsorships shall be used for the benefit of the 
             organization and will be properly identified as to their donator’s intent if so requested.




SECTION 1. Meetings of Members

Meetings of the membership will be held monthly at a time to be determined by the membership present.

Notice of regular meetings will be published by the secretary in local news media stating place, day, and time.  Notice of special meetings will be sent to the membership by the secretary, stating the place, day, time, and agenda.

SECTION 2.  Annual Meeting of Members

The annual membership meeting will be in October.

SECTION 3. Special Meetings

Special meetings of the members may be called by any member of the Friends of the Chateau de Morès, or any member of the Board of Directors, stating the reason for such meeting.  

SECTION 4. Quorum

A majority of members will constitute a quorum.

SECTION 6. Voter Eligibility

Members must be present at a meeting for their vote to count.

SECTION 7. Order of Business

All meetings of the Friends of the Chateau de Morès will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.




SECTION 1. Board of Directors
A.        Meetings

             1.         The Board of Directors meets at least once each month at a predetermined                                            time and place.  Minutes of all Board meetings will be available to chapter                                              members upon request.

             2.         The annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held prior to the                                                      annual membership meeting each year.

             3.         Special meetings may be called by the president or by a majority of the                                                     members of the board, as needed, with notification of time, place and                                                         purpose to be given to each board member at least one (1) week in advance.

             4.         A majority of board members present shall constitute a quorum.

 B.        Eligibility

              1.         To be considered for election to the board, a member must be in good                                                        standing with the organization.

 C.        Election and Term of Office

              1.         The Board of Directors consists of four (4) officers and one (1) member at                                                large.  Officers are president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

             2.         Each year at the annual meeting, the chapter membership elects members to                                        the Board of Directors, each for a one-year term.

 D.        Vacancies

                          In event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the president appoints a  member                            to fill the unexpired term, within 30 days, subject to ratification by the remaining                              members of the board.
E.        Duties and Responsibilities

                        The Board of Directors has the authority and responsibility to enforce the rules                                and regulations necessary to manage the chapter.

 F.        Compensation

                         Officers will not receive a salary for their services.    

                         Reimbursement for expenses incurred at meetings, conferences, and training                                     programs may be made by vote of the membership.

SECTION 2. Duties of Officers 

A.        President

             The president will:

             1.         preside at all meetings of the members and the board.

             2.         Sign all official documents relating to the business of the organization.
B.        Vice-president

             The vice-president will:

             1.         In the absence of the president, the vice-president will perform the duties of the                                president, and when so acting, will have all the powers of and be subject to all the                              restrictions upon the president.
C.        Secretary

             The secretary will:

             1.         Keep the minutes of the meeting of the membership and the meeting of the Board                            or Directors in one or more books provided by the organization for that purpose.

             2.         See that all notices are given in accordance with these bylaws.

             3.         Keep the Organization’s records, including an official copy of these bylaws.

             4.         Keep a register of the names and addresses of all members.

             5.         Maintain information concerning the organization for distribution to interested                                parties.

             6.         Keep and distribute mail to the organization.
D.        Treasurer

             The treasurer will:

             1.         Be responsible for all funds and securities of the organization.

             2.         Receive and issue receipts for all monies paid to the organization.

             3.         Deposit and invest all monies of the organization in a timely manner.

             4.         Pay all expenses incurred by the organization immediately or as directed by the                                  Board of Directors.

             5.         Keep a record of all expenses, receipts, and other financial information.

             6.         Report the financial status to the Board of Directors and the general membership                             meetings.




A.        A nominating committee of 2 or 3 members will be appointed by the president to meet                at least 30 days prior to the election.  

B.        A slate of officers will be presented by the Nominations Committee at the annual                            meeting.  

C.        Additional nominations may be made from the floor.    

D.        No member may nominate more than one candidate per office.

E.        Election will be by a majority of members present and in good standing.




The Friends of the Chateau de Morès will always operate as a nonprofit organization. 

No interests or dividends will be paid to members or officers.




All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of expenses of the Friends of the Chateau de Morès will be signed by the treasurer.

Payments greater than $500.00 will require the additional signature of one other designated board member.




The fiscal year of the organization will begin on January first and end on the thirty-first day of December of the same year.




The membership will have the ability to adopt policies consistent with these bylaws for the management of the organization.




These bylaws may be amended or repealed by the membership at any regular or special meeting, provided the notice of such meeting will have contained a copy of the proposed amendment or repeal ten (10) days before the meeting.


Revised 1/23