Field Trips

Bring your class for an experiential learning adventure on the Western Edge!

The Chateau de Morès SHS is rich in history and culture that complements any
North Dakota Studies program or education level. Make a selection from the powerful learning opportunities below and call now to reserve your field trip! 

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Hoof to Plate


Students will learn about the Marquis’ abattoir, how it operated, and where and how the products were shipped across the nation. They will also learn about the Marquis’ goals to break into other markets. Students will end with a tour of the abattoir ruins. 

Home Sweet Home

Peek into the adventurous lives of the de Morès family using their frontier home and our fascinating original artifacts.

All in a Day's Work

Experience the Chateau the way the servants did, such as navigating in silence, balancing a platter and glasses, and "reading" the code of open and closed doors.

Let's Play

Try some favorite games of the 19th-century aristocracy, such as croquet, graces, hoop trundling, and more!

Interpretive Center

Using our state-of-the-art exhibit, eight-minute intro film, interpreter prompts, and exploration time, learn how and why the family came from France to the frontier, as well as what lead them home. Stop by our museum store to bring home a reminder of what you learned here.