To make a reservation, call (701) 623-4355, or email [email protected].

Chimney Park

Host your family reunion in the shadows of the Marquis' packing plant! Chimney Park provides the only picnic facilities in the town of Medora. The park is open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis and sees significant visitation during the summer season. A reservation ensures access to your preferred picnic shelter, as well as sufficient seating for your party 
and electricity, if required.


DeMorès Park

DeMorès Park is a picturesque open space in the heart of Medora. Featuring original stonework by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a flagstone courtyard, and a bronze statue of the Marquis, this park is ideal for small gatherings. 



The Interpretive Center

Located in the Interpretive Center, the movie room comfortably seats up to 50 people and is equipped with a TV with USB and HDMI hookup for presentations. Access to our kitchenette available upon request.  The patio is available as well,
with use of several large picnic tables and chairs.

Patio: $60
Meeting Room: $60
Meeting Room & Patio: $80
Additional after-hours charges may apply.

The Chateau & Grounds

The Chateau porch and yard are perfect for gatherings of
50-100 people. Garden parties, birthdays, casual business functions, and even an intimate wedding ceremony
are welcome after hours.

Additional after hours charges may apply.